As part of the COVID-19 Response in Africa project, Africa Check Dakar, working with Reporters Without Borders, is organising fact-checking workshops to journalists, bloggers and media professionals in Burkina Faso, the DRC, Nigeria and Senegal.

Meedan, working with ARTICLE 19 and 5 fact-checking organisations in Sub-Saharan Africa, is also providing fact-checking workshops. These are being delivered by Ghana Fact, Centre for Innovation and Technology (CITE), Africa Women Journalism Project (AWJP), Pamoja FM, Debunk Media, and Defy Hate Now. In addition, these organisations have been building a unique coalition with epidemiologists, public health communications experts, technology companies and CSOs to create a database of COVID-19 facts and a repository of annotated misinformation. In combination with fact-checking workshops, these resources will enable journalists to provide accurate and reliable information on COVID-19.