Mis- and dis-information

Mis-information refers to information that is false, but not created nor spread with bad intentions.
Dis-information refers to false information that is deliberately created and shared with the intention of causing harm.[1]

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ARTICLE 19 published a policy brief entitled Viral Lies: Misinformation and the Coronavirus (March 2020).

Mis- and dis-information on COVID-19 is detrimental to the overall well-being of Sub-Saharan citizens. In some rural areas there is too little information on COVID-19 and many people are not aware of the gravity of the situation. In some countries there is a lack of government transparency on COVID-19 infections and deaths. Consequently, many citizens do not take the situation seriously enough and are inclined to carry on their lives as usual. The COVID-19 Response in Africa project tries to change this situation by coaching and training journalists.


[1] Council of Europe, Information Disorder: Toward an Interdisciplinary Framework for Research and Policy Making